Tuesday, May 1, 2012

My Favorite 6 Months

First of all, I can't believe six months ago, almost to the hour, I was at the hospital about to bring this little angel into the world. I'm amazed that God would put me in charge of this guy, he's so special and has me completely wrapped around his little finger. He amazes me more and more every day.

This moment was so surreal and feels like it was a lifetime away. I never want to forget the way I felt when I saw that face!!

Over the last six months we have had many, many adventures. From projectile poop to hysterical bath times, I wouldn't change a second. One of my favorite things he does during bath time, every time, without fail, is pee into the tub. I know that's a weird thing to like... but I think it's so funny that he does it every time.

7 lbs 13 oz at birth, this perfectly average little guy grew quickly and sits at about 21 lbs. I have to remind myself daily that I'm getting a great workout hauling him around. We can't go anywhere without getting stopped. Every stranger thinks they need to pinch or kiss his cheeks. They don't need to. That's weird. But they always try.

Cameron is quite popular at church, especially with the ladies. He has this flirtatious smile and he puts his little head down and looks at you through the top of his eyes. When you smile or talk to him he buries his face, then does it again. He started doing it a few weeks ago and always gets a reaction so he does it more and more. The row behind us always has  a good time flirting with him. He has the funnest personality and I love seeing it come out more and more. If his temperament carries on through his life he is going to be the happiest, most fun kid to be around. But I guess I'm a little partial to him :)

Probably my most favorite thing over the past 6 months, however, has been watching Dan grow into an amazing father and how special their relationship is. There is no denying how much Cam LOVES his daddy. He brightens up the second dad gets home from work and is so so happy when he is around. I had no doubt he would be the best dad but it is incredible to watch them together. I am absolutely in love with my boys!


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